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Seven Kings of Rome Novels Seven Kings of Rome Novels Seven Kings of Rome Novels
Sherrie was awarded a Literary Grant to complete The Warrior’s Dance, the third novel in her Seven Kings of Rome series.  The LUDWIG VOGELSTEIN FOUNDATION, established by Julie Braun Vogelstein to honor the memory of her brother Ludwig, is chartered to help individuals in the arts and humanities.  Award winners must have a track record of commitment to their art and demonstrate that the grant will make a substantial difference in the completion of their creative work.

The Scent of Hyacinth won First Place in the mainstream/literary fiction category of the 13th annual WRITER’S DIGEST INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARDS.

The Arms of Quirinus won Honorable Mention in the mainstream/literary fiction category of the 13th annual WRITER’S DIGEST INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARDS.

The Tiber Bridge was a Finalist in historical fiction category of the Pacific Northwest Writer's Association (PNWA) Writers' Contest.
The Arms of Quirinus would be a respectable work on any shelf with The Bull From the Sea or Whom the Gods Would Destroy.  What Mary Renault, Robert Graves, and others did so skillfully, Goff is emulating in her own distinct way in her Seven Kings of Rome novels.”            - William Howard Denson III  (Florida First Coast Writers Festival)

“A strong work and very well done.  What an effort!  Stays in character for each section.”                                              -  Hilary Hemingway  (Hemingway Days Festival)

“This book is so well written and fascinating. It drew me in from the very beginning.  The setting and time period are handled with authority, and the plot is gripping. I loved the characters, even the minor ones.  The writing is smooth, with good descriptions and effective dialogue, and the scenes are well paced.  This book is a pleasure to read.”                                                                  -  Writer’s Digest 13th International Book Awards

“Goff uses five narrators as interesting observers as well as participants in the history of King Romulus.  Having Romulus be one of the narrators provided a fascinating personal perspective of his life that would not have been available from any other narrator. I enjoyed reading this first volume, and look forward to its continuation in the next book of the series. This captivating tale is continued in The Scent of Hyacinth and The Warrior’s Dance.”                                                               -  Brad Eden  (Historical Novel Society Reviews)

“The language is rich with specificity of details, rhythm and sound in this lovely yet disturbing rendering of a very distant Roman era.  It comes across as natural.  The author seems to know this story so well and the setting so precisely, that it doesn’t seem researched at all.  As a writer, Ms. Goff inhabits her setting as if she had lived there in a previous life.  What’s more, it doesn’t come across as a historical or genre novel, but pure literature that uses sophisticated fictional elements to render a story that holds themes to which contemporary readers can relate.  Brilliantly accomplished!”                                                                                                -  Writer’s Digest 13th International Book Awards

“I loved this book. I was extremely impressed with so many of its elements, especially the language and setting. The plot is clear, holds purpose, and has a nice pace. Goff knows the balance between rendering scenes and details. Characters are complex, intriguing, and fully developed.”                                  -  Writer’s Digest 13th International Book Awards

“An enchanting mainstream historical novel.  How easily the reader is dropped into the life and times is remarkable.  The writing technique is refreshingly unique, and the story flows easily from page to page.  The reader is very much on scene and seeing through (the protagonist’s) eyes.  The characters carry the story and are the story.                                                                                              - Pacific Northwest Writers Association 

“Personally my comment is ‘Wow!’  This story was an absolute pleasure, the writing is tight, concise, and flows nicely.  This book is so well written, so well thought out, and done with exceptional flair. The characters have strength and well defined personalities.  Through their patter and actions, their sense of humor comes to play, as well as their conflicts and motivations.”                                        – Pacific Northwest Writers Association

The Warrior’s Dance is a well researched study of this time period and of King Tullus Hostilius’ rise to power. Sherrie Seibert Goff does a fine job of presenting us with a good story that is both a history lesson and a glimpse into the mythology of the Roman people. I enjoyed The Warrior’s Dance and would recommend it to all general audience readers.”                                                                                – William Phenn  (Reader Views)

“Goff has created a highly readable narrative about Rome’s third king, Tullus.  Her characters are vivid and fully dimensional.  The plot and pace of the book are tightly structured, the action vividly described. The author handles point of view deftly and has a knack for choosing details about everyday life that make history come fully alive.  This is a gripping tale and a welcome addition to the literature about a slightly known figure.”                                                                               -  IUniverse, Inc.   (editorial review)

The Warrior’s Dance is a good introduction to a lesser-known period of Roman history and should be a welcome read to those who are curious about the early history of Rome.  Goff goes to great lengths to immerse the reader in the day-to-day life of regal Rome.  The story flows well and the author does a good job of making sure that each chapter ends with a hook to keep you reading.”                  – Rob Amend (Historical Novel Society Reviews)

“Author Sherrie Seibert Goff has crafted a story that brings history to life. With an intriguing plot set in ancient Rome, the storyline includes enough twists and turns to keep the reader turning pages. History aficionados will be captivated by The Warrior’s Dance. This novel showcases author Goff’s storytelling talents and is sure to appeal to fans of historical fiction.”              - Writer’s Digest 18th International Book Awards 

“This book has an interesting plot with loads of complications. Well done. There’s never a dull moment. The setting and atmosphere is absolutely gorgeous. This novel would absolutely appeal to the intended audience. This a captivating work. 
                                            - Pacific Northwest Writers Association
                                                2014 PNWA Writers Conference
                                                (Finalist in historical fiction category)

“I have read and loved your first Seven Kings of Rome Novels and can’t wait for the last three. Thank you for all of the research, imagination and boldness with which you have brought our ancient world to life.”        - Jane Magee  (Pocatello Writers)