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Sherrie Seibert Goff worked for several years as a data control analyst and technical writer for a large corporation in Los Angeles, but has held a long abiding love for ancient history, especially anything Roman. She now writes mainstream historical fiction and lives in idaho with her husband and two cats.

Two of her most beloved authors and early inspirations were Mary Renault and Norah Lofts.  Many others have joined the fold of favorites since then, from Robert Graves to Jack Whyte, Edward Rutherford, Caleb Carr, Ken Follett, and Conn Iggulden  to name just a few.  For relaxation and enjoyment, Sherrie nearly always has some delectable historical novel at chairside or bedside.

Her interests certainly extend to other genres, but character-driven mainstream historicals are her favorites.  All of the wonderful stories to be found in history moved Goff to try writing fiction herself, and her first project has been an ambitious set of books subtitled Seven Kings of Rome Novels.

If you share some of the author's interests, check out her BODY OF WORK or visit some of her favorite LINKS in the menu above.  Sherrie welcomes emails and comments in her forum on Facebook.

Sherrie Seibert Goff